Zionist Goliath mauls Gaza; support Palestinian David

Gaza under attack
By Ameen Izzadeen
Tens of thousands of people who stand for justice hold demonstrations in various world capitals in support of the Palestinians. But their voices are muted by the roar of the atrocious silence of world leaders who shamelessly encourage Israel’s carnage in Gaza by continuing to extend moral, military and economic aid to the Zionist State.
Supported, perhaps, only by people with a conscience but without much power to stop Israel’s brutal massacre in Gaza, the Palestinians are an abandoned lot.
The Non-Aligned Movement which once championed the Palestinian cause is just a bystander with its members now thinking in terms of their national interests and economic benefits rather than the movement’s founding principles.
The less one talks about the highly politicised United Nations, the better it is.
The good-for-nothing Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) is only good at issuing statements and going back to its slumber to be woken up when the time is ripe for another statement.
The Arab League which includes many oil-producing countries probably sees the Palestinian blood flowing across Gaza as crude oil gushing out of oil fields. The more blood it sees, the happier it is. Some Arab leaders’ deliberate inaction or the unwillingness to act effectively smacks of political opportunism. They would not care, even if all the Palestinians are massacred and Israel demolishes the Masjid ul-Aqsa – Islam’s third holiest shrine – in Jerusalem and takes over the whole of Palestine.
The slain Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi once described these Arab leaders as women in men’s garb and puppets produced by the British and protected by the Americans. Most Palestinians would not disagree with Gaddafi’s description of the Arab leaders. These Arab leaders lacked the courage of Bolivia’s Evo Morales who on Wednesday declared Israel a terrorist state because it is “not a guarantor of the principles of respect for life and the elementary precepts of rights that govern the peaceful and harmonious coexistence of our international community”.
The Palestinians who are suffering in Gaza wonder whether these Arab leaders are friends of Israel. Egypt allows the Palestinian blood to flow because it wants to punish Hamas, the Palestinian group that governs Gaza. Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, which Egypt’s ‘military’ President Abdel Fatah al-Sisis overthrew in a coup that had the support of the United States and Saudi Arabia. In sharp contrast to Sisi, the Brotherhood government of President Mohammed Morsi stopped an Israeli aggression on Gaza in 2012. Morsi sent his prime minister to Gaza and conveyed a powerful message to Israel that Egypt would not be a bystander if Gaza was attacked. He opened the Rafah border to let the Palestinians receive medical treatment in Egypt and sent food aid to the besieged Palestinians.
In contrast, one of the first acts of Sisi after he overthrew the Morsi government was to close the Hamas office in Cairo, the Rafah border and the network of tunnels, on which the people of Gaza depend for medicine and other vital supplies.
Egypt’s action indicates a measure of complicity in Israel’s crimes. So does Saudi Arabia’s self-imposed indolence which prevents it from standing up for justice for the Palestinians. Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Arab and Islamic states shed crocodile tears for the Palestinians or issue only statements which do not provide a bomb shelter for the people of Gaza to protect themselves against nonstop Israeli shelling and missile attacks. Their position appears to be deliberate and well calculated so much so that it has triggered speculation that the intelligence chiefs of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel are in regular contact during the ongoing Israeli military operation. For public consumption, these pro-US Arab states say that the Palestinian people are their brothers and sisters.
Then what about the so-called champions of human rights? The slaughter in Gaza shows that human rights have become a political tool in the hands of the Western powers. Most of these Western nations protect Israel, however appalling its war crimes are. The Western powers are usually silent when human rights are violated by their allies, especially Israel. But they spring into action and impose penalties when human rights are violated by nations that resist Western global dominance.
What about China and Russia? Should they not come to the aid of the Palestinians? We agree, they cannot supply military aid to the Palestinian people in Gaza. But, at least, they can bring resolutions at the United Nations Security Council, to condemn Israel and shame those who protect Israel. For Russia, Gaza provides an ideal opportunity to hit out at the United States which, together with its European allies, has taken measure after measure to punish Moscow for its support for the rebels in Eastern Ukraine. Yet, Russia and China would not resort to a process of shaming the US and its European allies, probably because they see a political bargain in the sale of their silence.
The world powers care less about international law which asserts the doctrine of Responsibility to Protect. The international community is required to intervene urgently even without the approval of the United Nations Security Council when a people who cannot protect themselves are butchered by another group or a state. Israel is the world’s tenth most powerful state and possesses nuclear weapons while the Palestinian people in Gaza are largely unarmed. Hamas which administers Gaza is armed with home-made rockets which since July 8, the day on which Israel began its horror on Gaza, have killed only one Israeli citizen, one Thai worker and an Arab Bedouin. The number of Israel soldiers killed in the 23-day aggression stands as of yesterday at 56. Israel attributes this low civilian casualty figure to the effectiveness of its iron-dome which has intercepted more than 90 per cent of the nearly 3,000 rockets from Gaza.
But Muhammad Al-Daif, General Commander of the Izz Ad-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, said in a statement on Wednesday: “We have opted to confront and kill the enemy’s armed troops and its elite soldiers rather than assault civilians in the neighbouring villages. This is despite the fact that the criminal enemy has been shedding the blood of civilians, perpetrating massacres and razing entire neighbourhoods to the ground levelling houses on top of the heads of their inhabitants whenever more of their soldiers are killed.”
The Palestinian death toll in this battle of the Palestinian David (Dawood) versus the Israeli Goliath (Jaloot) as of last night stands at 1,374 with more than 80 per cent of them being civilians – 59 of the casualties are women — while more than 300 of them are children.
How can the international community let this massacre of children go on? Are not the world powerful nations which condone Israel’s war crimes in Gaza complicit? Even in the case of Wednesday’s carnage at the UN-run shelter, the US was careful not to hurt Israel when it issued a condemnation.
Legal experts say criminal complicity arises if a person or entity aids and abets another person or entity in committing an offence; or having a legal duty to prevent the commission of the offence, a person or entity fails to make an effort he, she or it is legally required to make.
In a 2010 ruling, the Russel Tribunal – an international citizen-based “tribunal of conscience’ founded by philosopher Bertrand Russel – held that the European Union (EU) was an accomplice of Israel in its proven violations of international law.
The tribunal ruled: While the EU and its member states are not the direct perpetrators of these acts, they nevertheless violate international law and the internal legal order of the EU as set down in the EU Treaty either by failing to take the measures that Israel’s conduct requires them to take or by contributing directly or indirectly to such conduct.
When Israeli shells and missiles land in civilian facilities such as schools and UN compounds where tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians have sought refuge, should not the US be held accountable? Some 20 per cent of Israel’s military budget is financed by US military aid. In an act of rewarding the aggressor, the US yesterday said it would restock Israel’s dwindling supplies of ammunition.
When it comes to the Syrian crisis where the besieged regime of President Bashar al-Assad is supported and armed by Russia and Iran, the US and its allies had no qualms about warning the two pro-Syrian states that they are complicit in Syria’s crimes against humanity. These do-gooders rush to invoke the principles of international law only when it suits them.
To hell with international law; forget justice to the Palestinians; what is more important to the US and its allies such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt is the protection of the Zionist State that violates almost every humanitarian law.
To deny justice to the Palestinian people, who have no proper government of their own, a military of their own or a currency of their own, these Israel-friendly countries would not mind the label of hypocrite on them or the criticism of double standards or duplicity.
Against this backdrop of being abandoned by almost all, the Gazan people who are suffering without access to drinking water, electricity and sanitary facilities, are advised that they should keep a dog with them whenever Israel pounds the territory. So when the pictures of the dogs that are killed are shown on television, perhaps Sasha and Malia can tell their father, President Barack Obama of the United States, “Daddy please tell the Israelis to stop the war, the dogs are dying.”
(This article first appeared in the Daily Mirror, Sri Lanka)

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1 Response to Zionist Goliath mauls Gaza; support Palestinian David

  1. Renuka says:

    Hi Ameen, great article but I would not have used Gaddaffi’s sexist quote to substantiate inaction on the part of Arab leaders. I am sure there are many women my self included who do not condone this violence and are public about it. Renuka

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