9/11: The war coalition in the Tower of Babel

September 11 anniversaries will go on — but only until the United States remains a superpower. If July 4 Independence Day is a day of hope for citizens of what was once a great nation that gave them a powerful constitution and a Bill of Rights, September 11 is a day of darkness, a day that sounded the death knell to world peace, human rights and international law.

The morn on September 11, 2001 in Manhattan, New York was bright and sunny until the dark smoke and clouds of dust filled the air after the two civilian aircraft hijacked by a group of terrorists ploughed into the two towers of the World Trade Centre, which stood proudly as an icon of US capitalism.

The darkness that gobbled up the brightness was perhaps symbolic of what was to come. The world history changed the moment the terror attacks occurred. Since that day, the world has seen wars, more wars and a global order where might is right.

In the fight to eradicate terrorism and in the hunt for those who carried out the dastardly terrorist attack in which some 3,000 people died, little or nothing was held sacred. International law, human rights, media freedom and truth are all casualties because the war on terror is touted as more noble or holier than these concepts. But many did not realise that the war on terror was a euphemism for an imperialistic war. Except for a few socialist and anti-war voices, a majority of the Americans by their silence gave George W. Bush and his war party the licence to kill, plunder and even to deny the citizens their liberty and spy on them under the so-called Patriot Act.

They accepted lies and deception as part of political behaviour and said nary a word against torture or the cruel detention of hundreds of suspects in gulag prisons without trial. There was little public remorse but only glee when bunker buster bombs killed more civilians than those died in the 9/11 attacks — and two years later the Shock and Awe operation accounted for double the 9/11 death toll in the first few weeks of the Iraq war.

The killing of civilians continues even today with the people of Pakistan’s tribal areas being the target.

Besides death and destruction, the war on terror resurrected blatant western colonialism. The subjugated nations’ wealth became the invaders’ property. First came the soldiers and then came the capitalists — the oil robbers.

In retrospect, 9/11 was a trigger for a new world order scripted by a neocon cabal. The script – parts of which are found in the so-called the Project for New American Century — fitted the agenda of Corporate America, the Zionists and the dollar evangelists who sought to fast forward their own perceptions and interpretations of Armageddon and the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The deeper one delves into the events surrounding 9/11, the more unconvinced one becomes of the official story. The manner in which al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was killed on May 2 this year in Abottabad, Pakistan and his body was disposed of only adds to the many mysteries and unanswered questions surrounding the 9/11 attacks.

It was naïve to assume that the United States was caught unawares when the terrorists in three hijacked passenger planes attacked the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. (A fourth hijacked plane was shot down over Pennsylvania.)

The Bush administration had been warned of an impending attack but it did not take enough measures to thwart it. The Bill Clinton administration which had successfully thwarted many an al-Qaeda plan to attack the United States, had adequately warned its successor, the Bush administration. Richard Clarke, a top anti-terror expert, who worked for both the Clinton administration and the Bush administration, is a dejected man today because the Bush administration did not take his warnings about a 9/11-type attack seriously. Whenever he warned of an al-Qaeda attack, Bush administration big wigs would tell him to come up with an excuse to invade Iraq.

Susan Lindauer, who was working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) when the 9/11 attacks took place claims in her book Extreme Prejudice that she and her handlers knew of the impending attack. So much so, a handler warned her that going to New York was too dangerous because of the imminent attack. Susan later served a jail term for talking too much although the charge slapped on her claimed she was an agent for Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

In all probability, 9/11 was another Pearl Harbour. The US, during World War II, had intelligence that the Japanese were to attack Pearl Harbour, but it let the attack take place. Similarly, many believe that 9/11 was allowed to happen. Perhaps, the terrorists did not know that they were simply going along a path that someone else was paving for them.

The once great nation is not unknown for lies it had uttered to unleash or join wars.

It was with a big lie – that Vietcong guerrillas attacked a US navy destroyer for the second time in three days in the Gulf of Tonkin in August 1964 — that the Lyndon Johnson administration launched an all-out war on North Vietnam. The Corporate American media reported the lie as absolute truth and dragged the country to a war that saw worst forms of war crimes such as carpet bombing, napalm attacks on civilians and the use of Agent Orange, a chemical weapon. Who can forget the My Lai massacre?

Need one talk about Bush’s claim that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction and the then British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s claim that Saddam Hussein could assemble his WMDs within 45 minutes to attack Europe?

The wars the Bush administration started and the present Barack Obama administration is prosecuting with equal, if not more, vigour and commitment are nothing but wars with imperialistic agenda. It was the desire to dominate the world and the greed to gobble up the target country’s resources that drove the wars with the US administration acting more like an agent of war capitalists. National security or national interest was only a veneer for these imperialistic wars.

But ten years after the 9/11, Corporate America’s dream has turned into a nightmare with the US economy in crisis. The wars have only added to the problem while terrorism remains still undefeated.

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2 Responses to 9/11: The war coalition in the Tower of Babel

  1. Taz says:

    911 was nothing more and nothing less than a MOSSAD/US Government job. Let’s see you state that. 911 was planned and orchestrated in Washington and Tel Aviv. Make it clear.

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